Nutrients for Performance and Recovery

The 2015 Crossfit Open season is in full swing.  People all over the world are putting up unreal acts of fitness.  Athletes are destroying their scores in identical workouts from one year ago.  It is so inspiring.  One thing we have noticed amongst all these amazing feats in following so many athletes in gyms and through social media is that very few are actually aware of how to fuel their bodies optimally.  Being able to punch out just one more rep can easily be the difference between 100-1000 spaces on the leaderboard.  We hope to enable each athlete who desires to reach their peak performance capabilities to have that opportunity. 

In order to max out our performance, nutrition and quality supplementation must be equally a valued in our preparation as our daily WODs.

Check out this Podcast with Mike Mutzel, Msc of High Intensity Health reviewing and explaining Key Nutrients to Increase Performance and Recovery.

Top Nutrients To Increas Fat Loss and Muscle Growth