Elite Fuel Athlete Stephen Angove

Stephen Angove at age 60 will be competing in his first Crossfit Master’s Games after finishing 7th overall in the world after regionals. He was the only 60+ Master’s athlete from the Northwest to qualify. He finished his first Crossfit Open experience in 34th place this year. He did this in the middle of the most intense time of the year for a CPA, tax season. Stephen owns a tax firm. He wishes the open was at a different time because he didn’t feel like he was able to perform as well as he would like given the 14 hour work days, seven days a week and the little sleep he gets from January 1st to April 15th.

He started doing Crossfit about 1.5 years ago and hasn’t looked back. He has always been an avid exercise enthusiast; however working out by himself he says was “boring and lonely year after year.” When his local gym, Thorbeckes became affiliated and started Crossfit Thorbeckes he jumped at the opportunity. Stephen states that the Crossfit workouts and community have really energized his workouts. “The atmosphere at Crossfit Thorbeckes is so encouraging and friendly,” says Stephen.

He is very thankful for his trainers especially Travis Schliesser who has worked extensively with him on form and learning all the new Crossfit movements. Though he had worked out all his life and made it a point to stay in shape, he had very little exposure to Olympic lifts, hand stand push-ups, pull-ups, double-unders and muscle ups. “You do one WOD and feel great and think you have it all figured out,” says Stephen “and then the next day you finish the WOD and realize wow, I have a long ways to go.” He was really impressed by the strength and fitness of many of the young girls who would regularly beat him in workouts when he started.

Even though he turned 60 this year, he has noticed significant strength gains. Initially his max back squat was set at 95lbs and after a year of Crossfit he had been able to increase it to 310lbs. He is a testament to the body’s ability to adapt and make significant gains no matter ones age.

Though he didn’t expect or have plans to compete in Crossfit, Stephen finds himself heading to Carson, CA for the 2014 Crossfit Master’s Games. He is very excited and looking forward to competing with the fittest on the planet. Stephen now encourages clients, friends and family to join a local Crossfit affiliate and see how there fitness and ability to meet the demands of life significantly increases.

Stephen is well known in the community for his generosity. He is always finding people to bless and mentor, especially young men.

Stephen has five children (four daughters and one son). He also has three granddaughters, adding to the female dominance during family gatherings.

He is also an Elite Fuel athlete.